Field-Based Logistics Training: Business as Usual for the U.S. Marine Corps

Learn how the U.S. Marine Corps upgraded its mobile training systems with cutting-edge technology while facilitating the modernization of aged logistics processes and procedures.

Veritas Data Management Across Every Cloud

The Veritas Enterprise Data Services Platform solves for how organizations can achieve application, data and infrastructure management simply, even in the most complex, hybrid multicloud infrastructures. With a platform approach, closing the transformation gap between cloud services becomes a simple and achievable feat with just three steps: 1. Transform apps and architectures to meet the new normal. 2. Protect against ransomware and IT service interruptions. 3. Optimize for cost, compliance and operations with analytics. Read more to expand on each of these steps to demonstrate how we can close your transformation gaps across every cloud.

Multicloud Data Management Strategy that Fuels Digital Transformation

Digital transformation business objectives are balanced between tactical and strategic objectives, and range from improving operational efficiencies and customer satisfaction, to increasing existing product revenue and profit margins, to launching new digital revenue streams. While data is at the core of the new digital economy, it is about how you sense the environment, manage and protect the data from edge to core to cloud, analyze data in near real time, learn from it, and then act on it to affect outcomes.

The Three Pillars of Data Protection for the Department of Defense

The Department of Defense has critical missions to execute, and success depends increasingly on their ability to have clear visibility and understanding of their data assets wherever they reside. That is a big challenge when the volumes of data being collected and generated are highly diverse and expanding rapidly. The challenge is further complicated when data assets are highly distributed, siloed, and even disconnected.

ThunderCat Technology: Complexity Minimized, Performance Optimized

ThunderCat Technology is a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) that delivers technology products and services to government agencies, educational institutions, and commercial enterprises. Specifically, ThunderCat is a systems integrator that brings an objective and innovative approach to solving customer problems in and around the data center including cloud transformations. We do this by providing strategies for data management, cloud computing, cyber security, networking, and governance. A proven leader, ThunderCat Technology provides and optimizes technologies from best of breed manufacturers.

ServiceNow and the DoD: Realizing the National Defense Strategy

Working together, we can transform the operations of our national defense to compete, deter, and win. ServiceNow provides valuable solutions to align with the objectives of the National Defense Strategy (NDS) and the DoD Data Strategy. Download our full report now to learn how ServiceNow takes care of our people and supports the National Defense Strategy.

Good to Go: Storage Where and When You Need It

Storage on the Go at Warp Speed: Deployed troops need access to technology wherever they are. Scalability and speed are critical. Data and applications need to be available and protected.

The Frontline of Edge Computing

The dramatic growth of data from Internet of Things devices has challenged DoD units on the front lines. Data is pouring in, but there is no good solution to handle and process that data in the field. A new server from HPA—Edgeline EL8000 solves those data challenges.