Selecting Flexible and Reliable Storage: NetApp Advanced Storage Solution

A reliable storage solution is necessary to keep your data out of the wrong hands and maintain compliance. Red River and NetApp recently upgraded storage for a federal healthcare agency with nearly 150 locations. Download the case study to learn how the new solution not only maintained compliance, but offered actionable intelligence while connecting to a wide variety of data points -- all while keeping costs in check.

Boost security, flexibility, and scale at the edge with Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Edge deployments can provide faster insights for decision-making, increase data security, and reduce data transfer and collection costs. Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® is a consistent, flexible, and security-focused foundation that maximizes the performance, manageability, and stability of your edge deployment. It brings dependability to your edge deployments with an interoperable layer for varied edge devices, allowing you to optimize your existing edge investments and reduce operational risk. Read this e-book to learn how Red Hat Enterprise Linux can help you extend your datacenter capabilities to the edge with confidence.

Edge Computing for Department of Defense

Department of Defense (DoD) forces must be able to share data and capabilities across warfighting platforms, while maintaining high levels of security. The Multi Domain Operations (MDO) focus of the Joint All-Domain Command and Control (JADC2) framework is part of this modernization effort. Learn how adopting a container-based application platform like Red Hat® OpenShift® can help the joint forces build applications once, and then deploy and migrate them where and when they are needed.

Executive Summary: The Business Value of Red Hat Solutions and Cost Relationship to Unpaid Alternatives

IDC’s Business Value research found that Red Hat solutions are far more cost-effective than unpaid infrastructure alternatives. Numerous IDC studies found that subscription-based infrastructure software from Red Hat offers a 3-year return on investment (ROI) of 368% and 32% lower infrastructure costs. Download this executive summary to learn more.

An IT Executive's Guide to Automation

Download the e-book to see how automation software can help you close the gap between the C-suite and the implementers.

Cloud Configuration Risks Exposed – A Threat Analysis Report

This report summarizes 12 months of anonymized cloud service configuration data from real production environments observed by Aqua Security. The data outlines the configuration challenges faced by teams that use cloud service accounts for their applications. The insights and findings from this report include trends, as well as important security implications and guidance for avoiding and protecting against common issues.

ServiceNow and the DoD: Realizing the National Defense Strategy

Working together, we can transform the operations of our national defense to compete, deter, and win. ServiceNow provides valuable solutions to align with the objectives of the National Defense Strategy (NDS) and the DoD Data Strategy. Download our full report now to learn how ServiceNow takes care of our people and supports the National Defense Strategy.