Talent Strategies and Competitiveness in the US Aerospace and Defense Industry

US Aerospace & Defense firms look to ready their ranks as baby boomer engineers near retirement. Learn how companies plan to cope in the face of these human resource challenges.

Successfully Managing Programs and Risk in the Aerospace and Defense Industry

Successfully Managing Programs and Risk in the Aerospace and Defense Industry, a whitepaper by Oracle, discusses strategies to achieve success and mitigate risk, including industry research and insight from leading companies. Learn how Enterprise Project Portfolio Management (PPM) can help your organization gain a powerful competitive advantage and maximize ROI.

Three Demographic Mega-Trends to Transform the Aerospace and Defense Workforce

Three demographic mega-trends promise to transform the composition of the Aerospace & Defense workforce. In this informative whitepaper from Oracle, learn about these trends and how they are beginning to take effect, driving imbalances that are rippling through a number of talent markets.

Securing Data for Mobile Warfighters

Defense Systems interviewed a variety of key leaders within the Department of Defense and respected industry consultancies for their insights and strategies on securing data for the mobile warfighter and how that can be accomplished within existing military networks.

Pathfinder: Creating the Common Picture with Better C4ISR Capabilities

Getting actionable data from numerous military sensors, and then delivering it to warfighters so they can immediately use it, is the key focus of current C4ISR efforts. In this Defense Systems Pathfinder, we discuss the issues with Joe Taylor, Vice President, Mission Command Systems, Northrop Grumman Corp.

Pathfinder: Solving the Secure Multi-Computer Desktop Puzzle

As a growing number of analysts collect more information from multiple sources, the number of desktop computers they use is growing. When each user has several computers, complex cabling, redundant power supplies and finding space for additional computers pose a growing problem. Solutions are starting to reduce complexity and cost while enhancing the work environment.In this Defense Systems Pathfinder, we discuss these issues and more.

Pathfinder: Building a Mission-Ready Cloud Infrastructure

In this Defense Systems Pathfinder, William Rowan, VP of Sales, Department of Defense, VMware Public Sector; discusses the key issues cloud computing adopters face, offering insights and pathways that can lead to pain-free deployments and an infrastructure that delivers maximum value.

Beyond Continuous Monitoring: Threat Modeling for Real-time Response

This SANS whitepaper will discuss how agencies can leverage the intelligence collected through continuous monitoring to create a real-time threat model that enables active response with situational awareness.