ServiceNow: Delivering Data to Realize the DoD Data Strategy

ServiceNow is proud to work with the DoD to meet the challenges of today, transforming the operations of our national defense to ensure the ability to compete, deter, and win. Critical to that effort is the effective use of data as detailed in the DoD Data Strategy.

Enabling Data in Motion for DOD

The traditional approach of simply accumulating data and knowledge into data stores where it sits at rest, passively being queried, is no longer tenable. Data needs to be handled “in motion” as it happens. Download this whitepaper now to learn more.

The Importance of Digital Forensics for Effective Incident Response

The modern Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) understands the importance of incident response in the context of an enterprise risk management strategy. Common strategies to perform a so-called “shift right” transition, with an emphasis on the prevent-detect-respond scale, underscore how critical it has become for CISO-led teams to have effective tools, processes, and procedures to support their incident response programs.

Building on a Root of Trust

Cyber hackers that are looking to penetrate defense systems are choosing the path of least resistance. Learn how the DoD is using root of trust to help stay secure and explore tips for success that you can bring back to your agency.

Field-Based Logistics Training: Business as Usual for the U.S. Marine Corps

Learn how the U.S. Marine Corps upgraded its mobile training systems with cutting-edge technology while facilitating the modernization of aged logistics processes and procedures.

ServiceNow and the DoD: Realizing the National Defense Strategy

Working together, we can transform the operations of our national defense to compete, deter, and win. ServiceNow provides valuable solutions to align with the objectives of the National Defense Strategy (NDS) and the DoD Data Strategy. Download our full report now to learn how ServiceNow takes care of our people and supports the National Defense Strategy.

Good to Go: Storage Where and When You Need It

Storage on the Go at Warp Speed: Deployed troops need access to technology wherever they are. Scalability and speed are critical. Data and applications need to be available and protected.

The Frontline of Edge Computing

The dramatic growth of data from Internet of Things devices has challenged DoD units on the front lines. Data is pouring in, but there is no good solution to handle and process that data in the field. A new server from HPA—Edgeline EL8000 solves those data challenges.