Mission Assured Data Protection

Veeam’s Federal customers have missions that only they can accomplish, and they need data protection that ensures they can complete those missions no matter what. Veeam ensures that your mission critical data is protected and available whether on-premises or in the cloud. When it’s time to recover data, Veeam’s advanced features let you be confident that your data is free of malware, securely restored, and is accessible where and when you need it.

IBM Cognitive Equipment Advisor: Predictive Maintenance for the Military

If your equipment breaks down during or before a mission, you know you’ve already lost the battle. But, what if you knew which part was going to fail and you were able to fix it before it broke down? Indeed, you need more than just deep mechanical knowledge to predict and repair breakdowns. No, for this kind of insight, to remain in a constant state of readiness, you need a boost from AI.

Unlocking Data Insights to Accelerate DoD Missions and Business Operations with ThoughtSpot

A key problem in data analytics today is that data scientists and analysts spend too much time assembling and preparing data and too little time actually analyzing data and acting on that analysis. ThoughtSpot was created to solve this challenge. By employing search, artificial intelligence, and machine learning capabilities to perform the heavy lifting of data analytics, ThoughtSpot enables anyone to derive the critical data insights they need, when they need them, to do their job.

Zero Trust and Access Management for DoD Networks

Secure identity and access management (IAM) is critical as the DoD transitions into a more modern information enterprise. This white paper outlines a Zero Trust security approach to IAM and how it strengthens and streamlines security for the DoD.

Three Pillars of Data Protection for the DOD

he DoD has critical missions to execute, and success depends increasingly on their ability to have clear visibility and understanding of data assets. This white paper outlines three pillars of data protection that matter the most to the DoD.

Cybersecurity Automation for Dummies

While enforcing Internet security is just a part of what your organization does, breaking through your Internet security is a full-time job for hackers. You can’t maintain a battle against such dynamic foes on so many fronts without the right tools to help.

Reducing Cost And Risk In DoD Software Lifecycle Management

The Defense Department spends billions of dollars on commercial software every year. Yet many DoD agencies struggle to effectively understand and manage the cyber and costs risks associated with those software assets over their entire lifecycles, from acquisition to retirement. Learn how IT leaders across the federal government are turning to Flexera to help them reduce costs, mitigate risk and meet the goals of federal initiatives.

Virtual Event: IBM Government Cloud Virtual Summit - Special Hybrid Cloud Edition

The IBM Government Cloud Virtual Summit is designed for leaders and change makers working to apply the power of cloud and AI technologies to the unique needs of government agencies. At this free online conference, engage with government and industry experts who share their lessons learned on topics ranging from digital government leadership to application modernization and getting more value from your data.