Build a Test and Evaluation Plan with Advanced Fuzz Testing

Organizations leverage an intricate supply chain to source chunks of code or whole applications as the building blocks for their software. Sourcing from the cyber supply chain makes sense. Why recreate code that exists and is even available for free? Free, however, is rarely truly free. Download to learn how agencies can tackle the complex issues that stems from today’s software supply chain by leveraging a proven process known as “Test and Evaluation” and an advanced testing technique known as fuzzing or fuzz testing.

How to Satisfy 5 DoD DevSecOps Requirements with One Tool

DevSecOps is enabling the Department to develop quickly and securely, so organizations can continuously meet critical and urgent needs of the warfighter. It’s a dramatic change from waterfall development, where the actual problem largely changes by the time requirements are received. To help organizations get started, the DoD has provided general guidelines, principles, and requirements for implementing the right DevSecOps framework for you and your organization.

Harness the Power of AI and Machine Learning

The demand for data and analytics is growing exponentially, and legacy technologies cannot keep pace. In fact, many organizations struggle with a proliferation of data warehouses and a shortage of data science talent. Download this resource to learn how you can harness the power of AI and machine learning to turn surplus into valuable business insights.

Cloud Data Platforms for Dummies

Data is fundamental to creating efficient business operations, discovering new revenue opportunities, and delivering exceptional customer experiences. But yesterday’s tools for acquiring, storing, and sharing data have not kept up with today’s burgeoning demands.

Data Sharing for Dummies

There’s no limit to how enterprises can engage and collaborate with data. However, data does not magically appear on your doorstep, figuratively speaking. Download this eBook to learn how data can be generated and distributed within minutes using modern data sharing methods.

6 Reasons to Migrate from Teradata to Snowflake

In accordance with Executive Order 13800, the US Office of Management and Budget (OMB) recently replaced the government’s legacy Federal Cloud Computing Strategy (“Cloud First”) with a new strategy to accelerate agency adoption of cloud-based solutions: Cloud Smart. Now, agencies must assess their requirements and seek the environments and solutions that best enable them to achieve mission goals while being good stewards of taxpayer resources. Download this resource to discover 6 reasons why that solution is Snowflake.

Snowflake: One Cloud Data Platform for All Your Analytics Needs

By 2023, IDC predicts that 50% of software vendor revenue for data and analytics will come from public clouds, and that cloud implementations will grow 8 times faster than on-premises implementations. But, forward-looking organizations do not just want to move data and analytic workloads to the cloud haphazardly. Instead, download this resource to discover a long-term strategy for maximizing data assets, based on an extensible, multi-region and multi-cloud platform.

Why a Multi-Cloud Cross, Cloud-Strategy Makes Sense for Government Organizations

For years, many agencies have focused their attention on migrating their applications to FedRAMP-accredited public clouds and developing their own private clouds, which has resulted in data, users, and applications being spread across multiple clouds without the means to view, secure, and manage them centrally. To increase transparency, strengthen security, and ensure compliance within and across government organizations, a new solution is needed.