Satellite 2012

Is it too late for space reform?

Laws governing arms control are hindering progress in satellite communications and space development, say industry experts.

Space sector efficiencies may help DOD save money, executives say

The commercial space industry is proposing a number of leasing options that might help the DOD trim costs.

New satellite capabilities target UAV needs

UAV operations are driving new developments in waveforms and spacecraft to support mission needs.

Satellite comms offers warfighters multiple data paths

To compensate for budget shortfalls and also meet the growing demand for bandwidth, DOD is being forced to come up with creative ways to meet warfighter communications needs.

Space clutter jams radio signals

The rapid global growth of satellite operators is causing substantial interference problems, experts say.

US, Australia program could be a model for future SATCOM

A UHF hosted payload owned by Australia with U.S. equipment on board will soon launch on a commercial spacecraft, and it could be the way of future military satellite operations.

Hosted payload program teaches lessons for future launches

Panelists discuss lessons learned from CHIRP program about information assurance, interagency cooperation.

DOD should rethink satellite bandwidth policies, expert says

The ways DOD pays for and manages its leased civilian satellite communications networks are inefficient and needlessly expensive, one industry official says.

Export laws hurt US space competitiveness, lawmaker says

The U.S. government needs to repeal export laws limiting the competitiveness of U.S. firms in the international space market.

Satellite operations face evolving threats and obstacles

Satellite security problems change constantly, but contracts don't, officials say.

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