Army moves fast to get prototype kits for Cyber Protection Teams

Following the first Cyber Innovation Challenge, the Army used a fast-track development method to award two contracts worth a total of $4.5 million for the kits.

Mercury Systems buys anti-tamper developer

Lewis Innovative Technologies develops a range of secure hardware and software used in embedded defense electronics systems.

DOD steps up the search for electronic warfare tools

The military services are looking for innovative ways to improve EW capabilities and blend them with cyber operations.

General Dynamics to provide communications support for AFCENT

DISA has awarded the company a contract worth up to $450 million to support the Air Force's Central Command.

DARPA looks to help utility companies survive power grid cyberattacks

The Pentagon's research arm wants to not only detect cyber threats against the power grid before they occur, but be able to restore power within days as opposed to weeks.

DARPA awards 9 contracts for Squad X program

The program is beginning work on bringing an operational picture down to dismounted soldiers and Marines.

Starting up a network is getting easier for the Army

The Initialization Tool Suite gives commands a faster, streamlines way to start up a network and keep it up to date.

Air Force looks to double its number of drone squadrons

The five-year plan would also add up to 3,500 airmen, expanding the unmanned aircraft program to meet rising demand.