White House promotes whole-of-nation cyber deterrence strategy

In a much anticipated release, the White House finally provided congressional committees with its plan for protecting IT systems and infrastructure.

US prepares to take the cyber fight to ISIS

The Defense Department is looking at ways to use its wide range of cyber tools to fight the terrorist group.

Army Cyber Command looks to build new HQ

The command is planning a new cyber facility at Fort Gordon, Ga., to be built over the next two years.

DISA awards $4.3B in contracts for telecommunications support

Eight companies will compete for work on the Defense Information Systems Network over the next 10 years.

SpaceX lands a rocket upright after orbital flight

The lower stage of a Falcon 9 lands vertically after delivering a payload of satellites into space.

Army fields robots for chem/bio/nuke detection

Researchers and contractor iRobot enhance the PackBot 510’s detection capability for use in South Korea.

Air Force to allow enlisted airmen to fly Global Hawks

In another effort to ameliorate the stress on remotely piloted aircraft crews, the service announced that enlisted personnel will be permitted to fly the surveillance-only aircraft.

Army streamlines tactical network with virtualization

Upgrades to WIN-T Increment 1 increase capability while cutting back on the amount of equipment required on the battlefield.