Raytheon tests help get GPS III closer to reality

The company announced the successful tests of the Launch and Checkout System and the GPS Next-Generation Operational Control System, both of which will support the launch of GPS III satellites.

How cyber turns networks into weapons systems

Top commanders across the military have asserted that IT networks are not just services but warfighting platforms in the new cyber domain.

ONR seeks greater R&D for undersea intelligence

The Office of Naval Research released a special notice calling for white papers and proposals for undersea unmanned vehicle development.

Army testing high-bandwidth tactical network

The Mobile User Objective System, a satellite network for all of the military services, is 16 times faster than the current Ultra High Frequency satellite system.

Joel Dolisy Solar Winds

Build off your BYOD platform to prepare for the Internet of Things

Managing mobile devices can lay the groundwork for a fully connected military, Solar Winds’ Joel Dolisy writes.

Pentagon spending $100M to encrypt tactical communications

DISA awards Northrop Grumman a contract to install programmable encryption devices for the Joint Battle Command-Platform.

DOD's anti-phishing policy disables links in outside emails

In an attempt to prevent potential breaches, DOD won’t let users click on HTML links in emails that come from outside the .mil domain.

ONR adds $11M to tablet-controlled autonomous helicopter program

Aurora Flight Sciences will continue tests on the AACUS program, in which unmanned rotorcraft deliver supplies to small units in dangerous environments.