The Army

Army revives short-range air defense to address small-drone threat

As the threat of small UAS becomes more prolific, the Army wants to integrate countermeasures into battalion combat teams.

Navy's high-altitude Triton UAS takes a step forward

The MQ-4C Triton, intended to provide persistent maritime ISR, has successfully completed operational assessment, according to manufacturer Northrop Grumman.

Where DOD's R&D funds would go in 2017

Budget documents show a focus on emerging threats, including cyber, electronic warfare and new strike systems.

DOD to adversaries: Send us your zero-day attacks

The Pentagon wants to raise the costs on cyber adversaries, but not how you might think.

Cockroaches inspire a new breed of disaster-site, battlefield robots

Researchers at UC Berkeley and ARL look to mimic the insect's flexibility, strength and speed.

Russia is widening the gap in EW

Recent engagements indicate Russia’s electronic warfare capabilities are growing while two wars have eroded U.S. countermeasures.

IC officials: Cyber threat is real, but it's not the only one

During congressional hearings, intelligence officials outlined the threats facing the U.S. and painted a picture of a complex environment.

Army wants help with next-gen C5 tech

The Army is looking for research proposals that can address new requirements and development of maturing technologies in command, control, communications, computer and cyber.

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