DISA's new cyber HQ starting to branch out

The agency's Joint Force Headquarters is intended to take some of the defensive pressure off of the U.S. Cyber Command.

Danzig: Analog has value in countering cyber threats

The former Navy secretary recommends some unconventional approaches to help meet the cybersecurity challenge. Quantum encryption? Not so much.

DARPA's Gremlins could cut the costs of attack drones

The program would employ cheap UAS that would be launched from a plane, carry out their missions and then drone home.

DISA raises the limit on support deal with Microsoft

The modification to the contract for Blue Badge Cardholder support brings the total to $575 million.

The Air Force brings the B-52 into the digital age

With Boeing's CONECT communications system, the venerable bomber goes from 'a rotary-dial phone to a smartphone.'

Creative simulations help test new weather radar

The Air Force is testing updates for C-5 Galaxy color weather radars using the salvaged cockpit of a downed C-5 as a simulator.

DOD, Silicon Valley to partner on flexible electronics

The $171 million initiative will be led by the FlexTech Alliance, a consortium of 162 companies, universities, and non-profits.

DARPA awards second deal for Phase II of ALIAS

Aurora Flight Sciences also will work on Phase II, which aims to add autonomous capabilities to helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft.