U.S. approves Italy's request to weaponize Reapers

The State Department will let the NATO member outfit its MQ-9 drones with Hellfire missiles.

Does a centralized approach help or hurt DOD cybersecurity?

Panelists at the 2015 Open Architecture Summit described the current problems with the standards, policies and strategies handed down from on high.

Pair of mesh reflectors boost Navy’s satcom network

The reflectors on satellites in the MUOS constellation help increase communications capacity 16-fold.

Army CID issues warning on Internet extortion, blackmail

The information given up on social media and dating sites, as well as through data breaches, can be used against you.

The future of ISR is unmanned, whether commanders like it or not

Air Force officials see the U-2 and Global Hawk as complementary, but they’ll soon have to do without one of them.

Army taps supercomputing to speed development of new systems

With "physics modeling" the Army and the rest of DOD can do more rapid prototyping to keep up with emerging threats.

Army opens a mobile app store

The Training and Doctrine Command’s site will host existing applications and facilitate the creation of new ones.

Top 20 Defense contractors, 2015

Which contractors get the largest slices of the defense spending pie?