ONR software helps those with traumatic brain injuries perform rehab

The MOVER software helps guide soldiers suffering from TBIs through rehabilitation exercises in their homes.

Army awards $72M deal for Saturn Arch anti-IED support

Leidos will support the program, which uses high-powered sensors to detect IEDs and other threats from the air.

DISA sets Forecast to Industry for November

Senior officials will detail their acquisition and procurement plans for fiscal 2016 and 2017.

Joel Dolisy Solar Winds

Two steps to get you out of the network vs. application double bind

When performance slows down, how do you identify the real culprit?

New chamber is a big deal for radio frequency testing in Army vehicles

CERDEC has opened a large anechoic chamber—that is, one that disallows echoes—that will improve RF testing and could be a game-changer for WIN-T

Chem-bio-nuke teams test briefcase communications system

The portable GRRIP lets response teams set up quickly and send back data and imagery from potential disaster sites.

Why drones could play a more limited role in future conflicts

Countries like Russia and China have anti-aircraft capabilities that terrorists don’t have, an Air Force official says.

Navy, Raytheon move closer to airborne EW attack capability

Tests in Alaska demonstrate swappable electronic warfare payloads with a range of over 500 miles.