Recruiting cyber warriors: What DOD can learn from college football coaches

Army Deputy CIO Gary Wang said that the next generation should be recruited early, much like how coaches approach young talent.

Air Force scientists take the field as Tech Warriors

The training exercise lets those who develop new battlefield technologies experience life as a warfighter.

Air support gets closer – and faster – with real-time data system

DARPA and the Air Force demonstrate PCAS, which cuts the arrival of munitions support to a matter of minutes.

ONR system would protect ships from Stuxnet-like attack

RHIMES would limit the scope of any attack by giving electromechanical controllers slightly different programming.

Carlisle: Overworked airmen can't train for future threats

The commander of the Air Combat Command tells a CSIS audience that RPA crew members are doing "zero continuation training because they’re all engaged in the fight."

New Reaper variant stays aloft longer

The Air Force and General Atomics have successfully fielded an Extended Range version that significantly increases the Reaper’s flight endurance.

Carter again pushes for DOD-commercial tech links

The defense chief calls for more and faster innovation as threats evolve and the technology base goes global.

Northrop unveils next-generation IED-fighting robot

The Andros FX is an upgrade of a commonly used platform, with a focus on combating vehicle-borne explosives.