Army demos remote system for patrolling base camp perimeter

With multiple weapons systems controlled from a tactical command center, two soldiers can do the job of 10 on patrol

Air Force wants to go organic for better energy storage

AFRL's SOFT program aims to use biotechnology and flexible electronics to boost the energy capacity of sensors and other devices.

U.S. officials skeptical China will honor cyber agreement

Top intelligence and defense officials told the Senate Armed Services Committee they have doubts that China will comply with the new cybersecurity agreement.

Pentagon takes an analog approach to securing the Internet of Things

DARPA's LADS program would monitor an embedded device’s analog emissions to identify anomalous behavior.

Simple but effective: How TALONS extends ships' ISR

The system, a joint project of DARPA and ONR, uses a parafoil to put equipment into the air and boost a ship’s communications range.

The No. 1 battlefield threat? Cyberattacks

A brigade commander at NIE 16.1 says defending the network is the most important part of combat operations.

IC embraces open source intel, even if it is double-edged

Members of the Intelligence Community, academia and industry are making use of social media and other open source intelligence, because terrorist groups do the same.

Army staging largest ever joint-forces network exercise

NIE 16.1 incorporates coalition and other U.S. forces, setting the stage for the multinational Army Warfighting Assessments.