AFRL, FlexTech look to revolutionize electronics

A new institute will develop flexible hybrid electronics and manufacturing processes.

Army testing swarms of small drones

Researchers want to see what's possible with small, inexpensive quad and octocopters.

Army, partners work toward better battlefield intelligence collection

The annual Enterprise Challenge tests intelligence technologies in real-world scenarios for the Army, other DOD agencies, contractors and coalition forces.

Is China building its first homegrown carrier?

Reports say satellite imagery shows possible carrier construction in a northern Chinese port.

Intelligence officials: Cyber domain is still the 'Wild West'

IC leaders and members of Congress tussle over the slow progress toward defining the terms of engagement in cyberspace.

Army demos remote system for patrolling base camp perimeter

With multiple weapons systems controlled from a tactical command center, two soldiers can do the job of 10 on patrol

Air Force wants to go organic for better energy storage

AFRL's SOFT program aims to use biotechnology and flexible electronics to boost the energy capacity of sensors and other devices.

U.S. officials skeptical China will honor cyber agreement

Top intelligence and defense officials told the Senate Armed Services Committee they have doubts that China will comply with the new cybersecurity agreement.