Special Operations awards $390M radio contract

The command gives Harris Corp. a 6-year deal for specialized tactical communications hand held radios.

For agencies worried about data manipulation, help is on the way

Lockheed Martin and Guardtime recently demonstrated technology that can mitigate data manipulation on a networked, mission-centric environment.

Delivery drone does its job—and then vanishes?

DARPA is looking for autonomous platforms that could make small deliveries to the battlefield and then just disappear.

Army wants Apache modifications for better UAS teaming

The service is interested in innovative ways to make the helicopters more compatible with the Manned Unmanned Teaming modification.

Water-cooled chip a breakthrough for processing power

Researchers at Georgia Tech, funded by DARPA, may have opened the door for a new breed of electronics.

Hatch-mounted satellite system keeps Marines updated in-flight

The system provides network access, real-time video and other tools for crisis-response teams right up until they arrive on a battlefield.

Navy awards $91.7M deal for next phase of electronic warfare program

Raytheon will work on Block 3 of SEWIP, which will give ships an electronic attack capability.

IARPA wants to zero in on high frequency radar, comms

Agency hires Leidos and STR to cut through ionospheric interference in order to pinpoint and identify HF emitters.