DOD names 7 to $142M deal for modernizing contract system

The Defense Contract Management Agency is moving on from its Cobol-based mainframe system.

NSA goes commercial to harden networks

Spy agency leverages commercial technologies as it seeks to stay ahead of evolving cyber threats.

AFRL develops portable tool for aircraft inspections

SuNDE speeds up repairs by assessing structural damage in the field and giving maintenance depot crews a heads-up about the parts and components they’ll need.

Army's portable command post connects expeditionary forces

The expeditionary sustainment commands, or ESCs, extend the operational picture out to units in the field.

IARPA wants intel tools that can predict the future

IARPA is interested in proposals ranging four broad topics – anticipatory intelligence, analysis, operations and collection – to better integrate intelligence.

Navy names 21 companies to $750M C2 contract

The companies will compete to supply the service with commercial command and control equipment and services.

Report: Electronic jihad grows in sophistication

The cyber threat from terror groups could eventually endanger critical infrastructure, a new report warns.

Lockheed’s ABC, a laser mounted on a 360-degree turret, has been tested in flight.

Directed energy weapons making a great leap forward

Lockheed Martin’s directed energy lead Paul Shattuck expounds on why laser beam weapon technology is maturing so quickly.

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