Cyber units get ready to take the field

Although the Cyber Command is still a couple years away from building its full complement, officials won’t wait to put current units into action.

Services look for eyewear to protect against lasers

The Air Force awards a contract for protective glasses, while the Army seeks all-purpose goggles.

New tech can help troops keep their cool in high temperatures

AFRL and industry develop a lightweight way to keep troops cooler in blistering heat.

Navy awards deal to support airborne radios

Rockwell Collins receives a $31 million contract for repair support of its AN/ARC 210 devices.

RoboBoats navigate the next stage in autonomous operations

The teams in ONR’s annual competition tackle real-world maritime challenges without human operators at the controls.

Air Force looks to upgrade its EW jammers

Raytheon, maker of the MALD-J, receives a $34.8 million contract to improve the jammer’s flight and EW jamming capabilities.

Cyber Challenge targets Internet of Things security

DARPA looks to demonstrate automated cybersecurity during an all-machine hackathon.

Terahertz amplifiers could open new frontiers in RF communications

Researchers from Northrop Grumman, working with DARPA, have developed two different amplifiers capable of using the THz range of the spectrum, which could lead to a new range of high-speed, secure communications.

Defense Systems Update

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