Engine glitch stalls Navy's MUOS-5 satellite

The Navy considers its options after the main engine fails for the fifth satellite in the constellation, which is intended to be a spare

Air Force says the F-35 is combat ready

The Joint Strike Fighter, the most complex and expensive weapon system in history, gets a green light from its biggest customer.

ARL opens up a supercomputer to outside researchers

ARL reaches an agreement with the University of Maryland to make its Harold HPC machine available to academic and industry researchers.

Army puts battlefield robots to the test

At an exercise in Hawaii, troops test a pocket-sized ISR drone and a robotic ground vehicle that can quietly carry up to 600 pounds of supplies.

Cyber teams ready to throw down in Grand Challenge

Seven teams are set to test if their automated systems can quickly find a fix flaws at DARPA's cyber Grand Challenge in Las Vegas.

Army Cyber Command moves to the front

The service names cyber a Service Component Command, in keeping with DOD's efforts to make cyber a full partner in military operations.

Navy looks to fine-tune flight simulators

Service awards AAC a contract to improve fidelity for training on the P-8A Poseidon and the MH-60R Seahawk, while making ocean simulations more realistic.

Air Force modifies NetCents 2's small biz application services deal

The 12 companies named to the original deal in 2012 are awarded a total $88 million modification.

Defense Systems Update

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