Navy awards another deal for electronic warfare upgrades

General Dynamics will perform more work on improvements under the SEWIP program.

NRL tests low-power, long-endurance sail drone

The Naval Research Lab, in partnership with Penn State, tested algorithms designed to increase the endurance of unmanned sailplanes that ride thermals the way some large birds do.

DARPA picks 10 to build nano-based products

Ten companies and university partners will split into three working groups to assemble atoms into working devices.

Army takes electronic warfare to troops in the field

In a recent exercise, the service’s Space and Missile Defense Command demonstrated electromagnetic interference effects on GPS receivers.

Northrop wins contract for GPS upgrades

The company will support modernization efforts for the embedded GPS/Inertial Navigation System.

Air Force wants a portable system to counter small drones

In a recent notice, the Air Force is asking for proposals on defeating small, but potentially bomb-carrying incoming drones.

Navy strategy puts a sharper focus on information warfare

In a newly released document, the Navy stresses the need to focus on information warfare in order to counter the tactics of potential adversaries.

Navy wants small drones that can see in the dark

The service is looking for small tactical unmanned aerial vehicles capable of providing ISR in both day and night operations in adverse environmental conditions.