Mind-reading computer could boost ISR image analysis

Researchers in ARL's MIND Lab use an EEG to let a user communicate with a computer with thoughts alone.

Army developing a power-generating backpack

The Energy Harvesting Backpack would cut down on batteries while helping soldiers avoid fatigue and injury.

Uncluttering the spectrum by putting it on the map

DARPA's RadioMap program, which will give users visibility into the radio spectrum, moves into Phase 3.

Robo Raven: A drone that actually does fly like a bird

ARL is developing an unmanned system with flexible, flappable wings that could do things other UAS can't.

Combat Shield teams prepare aircraft for electronic warfare threats

The Air Force is testing radars and other systems to be sure they're ready for contested environments.

Army awards $662M deal for new recon aircraft

Leidos will outfit the Airborne Reconnaissance Low-Enhanced (ARL-E) systems with new sensors to help commanders keep tabs on their operational environments.

U.S. approves Italy's request to weaponize Reapers

The State Department will let the NATO member outfit its MQ-9 drones with Hellfire missiles.

Pair of mesh reflectors boost Navy’s satcom network

The reflectors on satellites in the MUOS constellation help increase communications capacity 16-fold.