Managing the chaos of portable networks

Networks-on-the-go are essential against asymmetric adversaries, but they pose intriguing management challenges.

Russia's cyber aggression is in European Command's crosshairs

In an update to the theater strategy, Gen. Phillip Breedlove listed deterring Russian aggression as the top priority for the command.

Creative challenge seeks ways to counter small drones

The Mitre Corp. is running a contest for companies and individuals to demonstrate solutions that can be deployed in urban environments to detect and interdict small UAVs.

Report details the threat of small, commercial drones

A recent report documents the myriad ways non-state groups, from individuals to terrorists to activists, are using unmanned air, ground and maritime systems.

Army adds $97M to Shadow drone deal

The service is acquiring more of the catapult-launched ISR unmanned aircraft, which has also been used in concert with Apache helicopters.

As AI advances, military leaders mull the 'Terminator conundrum'

Gen. Paul Selva, vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, says advancements in artificial intelligence create a lot of questions about the role of autonomous systems on the battlefield.

Tactical mobility coming into the picture for on-ground soldiers

Officials discuss what's next for mobile devices in the military — from real-time video to head-up displays.

Consolidation paces quickens in cyber defense market

FireEye, which acquired Mandiant two years ago, completes a deal for cyber threat intelligence specialist iSight.