Navy adds $155M contract for electronic warfare systems

Lockheed Martin will continue to deliver SEWIP upgrades under the new deal.

Bob Kimball Ciena

How network virtualization can aid military readiness

The increased speed and agility in delivering services can cut costs and meet the requirements for mission-specific, coalition networks.

White House offers protections to 22 million affected by OPM hack

A suspected Chinese hack of a security clearance database netted information on background checks dating to 2000.

Army addressing an emerging threat: drones as IEDs

The service has adapted missile defense technology to defend against small drones that could pose a threat to friendly forces or infrastructure.

7 advance to finals of DARPA's automated cyber challenge

The Cyber Grand Challenge is aiming to developed software that can fend off cyberattacks in real time.

DOD looking for 'good enough' mobile security

Officials say they want enterprise-worthy devices that can be acquired quickly, but not ones that "try solve every problem."

Report: NATO worried about comms gaps, Russia’s jamming power

A U.S.-Lithuanian joint exercise illustrated lingering allied communications problems as Russian electronic warfare capabilities improve.

Army deploys 'flying command post' for paratroopers

The EMC2 system provides lets paratroopers plan missions en route and get live views of a landing zone right up to the time of a jump.