Air Force develops prototype for skin-ID sensor

A system developed by the Sensors Exploitation Research Group at the Air Force institute of Technology differentiates human skin from other materials, and can aid id search, rescue and surveillance.

DOD to invest heavily in cyber, although details are murky

Secretary Carter said the department will spend $7 billion in 2017 on cyber, but leaders are being coy about how the money will be spent.

DARPA looks to develop a high-res brain-computer interface

The NESD program aims to communicate with up to a millions neurons at a time, in a device the size of a couple of stacked nickels.

IARPA wants to improve human/machine forecasting

The agency's Hybrid Forecasting Competition is intended to improve how humans and computers interact on geopolitical and geoeconomic analysis.

Army developing a universal control for all of its drones

The TOGA system will reduce the number of pilots required while better integrating ISR with its tactical network.

Stratcom pushes a unified approach to joint spectrum operations

During a recent gathering hosted by Strategic Command, officials from across the military discuss developing an Electromagnetic Battle Management system.

ULA's Air Force launch contract under scrutiny

The Air Force is considering early termination of a launch support contract option, as Sen. John McCain renews a push to ban use of the Russian-made RD-180 engine.

Navy putting $49.8M into upgrading its EW test center

AAI Corp. will perform test environment system upgrades to the division's Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division's Electronic Combat Simulation and Evaluation Laboratories.

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