Military services look to promote 'intrepreneurs'

With the Athena Project and other efforts, DOD is looking to adopt innovation concepts perfected in Silicon Valley to speed deployment of new technologies.

The IFPC Inc 2-I launches a Longbow Hellfire missile against a target representing a UAS.

Army tests networked air defense system

The integrated system combines defensive weapons for use against UAS, cruise missiles and other threats.

Why firewalls don’t cut it when protecting critical infrastructure

SCADA enablers and unidirectional gateways offer a predictive advantage against targeted persistent attacks, Waterfall Security’s Andrew Ginter says.

Despite advanced threats, DOD still banking on drones

While unmanned aerial systems could be rendered ineffective against more advanced adversaries, Defense Secretary Carter told Congress that the department will continue to invest in these platforms, which will play a role in deterring nations like Russia.

The Army and industry meet at ARL

ARL looks west to spur innovation

The Army Research Lab is following the lead of the Defense Department and establishing an office on the West Coast to link up with the tech sector.

Internet of Things poses (manageable) cyber problems

Despite the vulnerabilities of increasingly connected devices, national security experts outlined manageable ways to curb these concerns.

DARPA seeks man-machine teaming to take manufacturing to the next level

The agency is looking for innovative mathematical solutions in manufacturing to leverage advances in new technologies such as additive manufacturing.

A Navy X-47B takes off from an aircraft carrier.

Navy again rebrands carrier-based drone program

Officials tell lawmakers what the service has planned for its carrier unmanned capability.

Defense Systems Update

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