Large, sub-hunting drone 'the shape of things to come'

DARPA christens its 132-foot long unmanned ACTUV vessel, setting up open-water tests with the Office of Naval Research.

Army upgrading Apache's 40-year-old sensors

The service is adding a number of upgrades to the attack helicopters, including a more seamless transition from day-to-night views.

DARPA demos sense-and-avoid system

The drop-in ALIAS system, tested in a small drone, helps both manned and unmanned aircraft detect and evade incoming air traffic.

Milley: Robots won't take over the future battlefield soon

Army Chief of Staff Gen. Mark Milley tells Congress that unmanned systems will plays a significant role in ground combat, but he’s not expecting a revolution in the next 10 years.

Army wants drones to act as scouts for ground vehicles

The service is asking for demonstrations of short-distance, low-altitude autonomous UAS navigation.

Army's latest challenge: cyber awareness on the battlefield

The service is focusing on a software-based prototype model associated with cyber situational awareness.

Army unveils far-reaching network strategy

The service’s plan for 2025-2040 focuses on incorporating "leap-forward" technologies, including the Internet of Things, software-defined networks and a variety of sensors and analytics.

Rogers’ nightmare: weaponization of cyber by terrorists

In testimony to lawmakers, Cyber Command chief Adm. Michael Rogers highlighted the potential damage non-state actors could inflict in cyberspace going forward.

Defense Systems Update

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