DOD's anti-phishing policy disables links in outside emails

In an attempt to prevent potential breaches, DOD won’t let users click on HTML links in emails that come from outside the .mil domain.

ONR adds $11M to tablet-controlled autonomous helicopter program

Aurora Flight Sciences will continue tests on the AACUS program, in which unmanned rotorcraft deliver supplies to small units in dangerous environments.

Air Force to ID targets by their vibrations

The VIBE program will use laser-Doppler technology to identify factors such as engine type and engine speed, even the number of cylinders a vehicle has.

Bomb lab acquires D-Wave quantum computer

Los Alamos National Laboratory, which helps oversee the U.S. nuclear stockpile, will use the D-Wave machine to study "quantum annealing."

Army looking for help in defending against small UAS

In a recent solicitation, the Army asks for assistance in detecting and identifying drones of less than 20 pounds.

US Transcom looking for IT help with joint command

The Transportation Command is in search of various IT related tasks for the Joint Enabling Capabilities Command.

For the military, the Internet of Things isn't about 'things'

It's all about culture and organization, not technical issues, retired Gen. James Cartwright said during a speech at the Center for Strategic and International Studies.

Pentagon prepares to test its sub-hunting drone vessel

The ACTUV, developed by DARPA, is set for tests in early 2016 and could see its role expanded to other missions.