ONR taking virtual training to the next level

The BEMR Lab in San Diego is developing new "mixed reality" capabilities to improve training on a variety of platforms.

Air Force calls Raytheon's GPS control station 'a disaster'

The Space Command's head says GPS III’s operational control system is "embarrassing" to defend, as the service considers reopening parts of the program to competition.

National Guard making headway in nationwide cyber force

The Guard will activate 13 additional cyber units spread throughout 23 states by fiscal year 2019.

Terrorist groups looking to refine chops in cyberspace

Non-state actors linked to groups such as al Qaeda and ISIS aren’t very sophisticated in their online attacks, but they could be trying to bolster their cyber capabilities, according to a recent report.

DOD could declare the spectrum a domain of warfare

As a sign of the electromagnetic spectrum's growing importance, the department is considering naming it as the sixth operational domain.

Army tests small electronic jammers for use in training

The Army demonstrated small electronic jammers that can be used in training scenarios and are easier to gain approval for use.

Northrop demonstrates counter UAV technologies

In a recent demonstration for the Army, Northrop Grumman tested its Venom platform, which can track and shoot down enemy drones.

There is a way to protect unencrypted data in use

Security enclaves provide a safe haven for applications even when an attacker gets inside the system, Intel’s Steve Orrin writes.