The Army and Marines have tested autonomous ground vehicles against simulated IEDs.

Military mulls letting robots take the point

The Army’s chief roboticist wants robots to take the front lines to serve as “bullet catchers” to protect soldiers. But should they also fire back?

Despite hitches, DISA continues JIE rollout

A key assessment has been delayed until the end of the year, as the agency measures JRSS's ability to counter threat vectors.

Army wants to give soldiers their own micro-drones

The service is asking industry for information on developing UAS weighing 150 grams for ISR in the field.

SmartCAR makes soldiers wise to chem-bio threats

The handheld device tests for pathogens on the spot and communicates results up the chain of command via Nett Warrior smartphones.

The 4 prongs of DOD's cybersecurity discipline plan

The Pentagon's implementation plan looks to enforce better cyber hygiene throughout the department.

Strategies for delivering on the promise of JIE

DOD can control access while limiting the attack surface of a joint network, SolarWinds' Joel Dolisy writes.

DARPA's high-speed vertical-lift plane goes to Phase 2

Aurora Flight Sciences' design for the VTOL X-Plane project aims to improve hovering efficiency while also increasing airspeed.

Cloud shift, data security driving encryption use

An industry survey forecasts broad use of crypto technologies as more enterprises shift sensitive data to the cloud.

Defense Systems Update

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