Navy's CANES installation ahead of schedule

One official said that, depending on ship availability, the Navy could complete installation of its consolidated enterprise systems as much as two years early.

Army tests prepare for all-domain warfare

Recent simulations incorporated joint forces operating against hybrid threats operating in all domains, including cyberspace and the electromagnetic spectrum.

Guardsman conduct large-scale cyber training

Guard units from around the country wrapped up Cyber Shield 2016, which coupled training courses with live scenarios to prepare in the case of a cyber incident at the state level.

Cyber researchers are becoming a top hacker target

A new threat report finds researchers seeking to blunt DDoS attacks have themselves come into the crosshairs.

DISA goes commercial for milCloud 2.0

The agency says the next version of its cloud computing service will be operated by a commercial provider, though on DOD property and strictly for DOD users.

Cyber operations come out of the shadows

As the U.S. embarks on its first openly declared “cyber war,” how will offensive capabilities be applied in future conflicts against an array of enemies?

Army's Cyber Blitz takes aim at cyber/EW convergence

In a recent two-week exercise, the Army tried to more seamlessly integrate cyber and electromagnetic spectrum operations, which is seen as a necessary response to emerging threats.

Pentagon research chief: AI is powerful but has critical limitations

DARPA director Arati Prabhakar cautioned against artificial intelligence as a panacea to problems that still need a human element.

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