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Smaller, lighter designs expand UAS sensor capabilities

Improvements in unmanned aircraft system and payload designs are leading to increased capabilities for warfighters.

The human element complicates cybersecurity

Despite the congressional focus on cybersecurity, all the money, software and hardware in the world can’t entirely ward off cybersecurity threats. One nontechnology factor greatly impedes cybersecurity: the human factor.

Warfighters should be nerve center for logistics

Combining traditional logistics with intelligence gleaned from warfighters would create a more reliable mechanism for supporting warfighters and their missions.

A leap forward in intelligence gathering

The defense and intelligence communities have developed a huge appetite for unclassified, high-resolution, map-accurate satellite imagery.

Soldier Radio Waveform ushers in new era in tactical communications

The evolution of the Soldier Radio Waveform is at the heart of the effort to achieve the goals and objectives of its Joint Tactical Radio System program.

Combating Piracy: The computer mouse is mightier than the sword

The most effective weapon for combating piracy on the high seas is information sharing through open-source technology.

Coding errors open thousands of new security holes each year

Research money is needed to develop the new tools and techniques to counter the threat posed by programming errors in software that create vulnerabilities that criminals, terrorists and the militaries of rogue nation states can exploit.

Everything over IP transitions to IP over everything

The Defense Department has a formal migration plan to move all of its telecommunications to the IP format by the second half of the next decade.

Defense Systems Update

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