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Ron Houle

DOD plugs alternative power sources into battlefield

The Defense Department is looking at new ways to distribute power to the battlefield consumer while also reducing fuel consumption, writes Ron Houle of DHS Systems.

Manpack radios overcome battlefield interference

The Army is taking steps through a number of programs to make sure that soldiers on the front lines have access to the same reliable network and communications equipment that civilians take for granted, says Chris Brady at General Dynamics C4 Systems.

Building private and community clouds for DOD

Cloud computing can't be properly implemented on any sort of scale without automation in place, says Ben Newton with BMC Software.

Army center gains ground on joint network operations

The Army's Network Operations Interoperability Lab provides a setting for testing and evaluating new concepts designed to improve joint networking among the military services.

Dan Allen

Multisource intelligence empowers battlefield superiority

Dan Allen, of Northrop Grumman Information Systems, makes the case for why multisource intelligence solutions, which include sensors and fused data, should be aligned with winning the war, not just high-value targets.

Dennis Moran

7-year IT acquisition cycle stymies warfighters in the field

The Defense Department can shorten its IT acquisition process by adopting a field and evolve approach to new technologies, says Maj. Gen. (Ret.) Dennis Moran of Harris RF Communications.

Roger Seaton

Soldiers need better communications training

Government would not spend millions of dollars on a weapons system and not train its operators. Communications systems must be held to the same standard.

Battlefield broadband: Reinventing warfighters' communications

Wireless broadband that supports data, not just voice, is essential to battlefield operations and a key component in meeting the needs of the Defense Department's Quadrennial Defense Review.

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