Geospatial and Intelligence

Pamela Melroy

DARPA seeks to bring satellite costs back down to Earth

Concerned about the soaring cost of access to space, the R&D agency is investigating re-usable rockets and space planes along with modular “satlets” as part of an on-orbit repair service.

DOD offers glimpse at its ‘black’ budget

Release of “top line” figure doesn’t harm national security, Pentagon says.

GEOINT symposium postponed until next spring

Geospatial intelligence event falls victim to partial government shutdown.

Exelis CEO seeks middle ground in budget crunch

David Melcher sees shift to "affordable upgrades."

Honeywell awarded $550M for Air Force satellite support

Air Force Satellite Control network operates a slew of DOD and non-DOD satellites.

NASA’s LADEE launch holds key to faster, big data laser communications

The Lunar Laser Communication Demonstration could have big implications for intelligence gathering from deep space.

Army to use ViaSat small tactical terminals in Apache helicopters

STT KOR-24A is a small, two-channel radio terminal that delivers simultaneous voice and data communications.

Classified payload launches into space

The Delta IV Heavy rocket can bring up to 50,000 pounds of payload into orbit.