Geospatial and Intelligence

Army’s move to Samsung reflects a flexible mobile strategy

The service is adding 7,000 Galaxy Note II smartphones to the Nett Warrior system, but they won’t work like typical smartphones.

Air Force unveils secret space surveillance satellites

Two will be launched into geosynchronous orbit this year, to keep a close eye on other countries’ satellites and space debris.

Air Force launches first GPS satellite of the year

GPS Block IIF satellites continue to replace aging satellites, while the Air Force prepares for the next-generation GPS III.

Rick Lober Harris

Why DOD needs to consider commercial SATCOM

Budget pressures, bandwidth demand and technical innovations in the private sector should lead the military to commercial options.

When GPS falters, where will the military turn?

The potential for spoofing and jamming is prompting a look at old and new technologies.

GPS III Satellite

Air Force expects delay in GPS III satellite delivery

Exelis and Lockheed Martin continue to deal with navigational payload problems.

Ramsden Sextant

Method of the ancient mariners can improve targeting systems

Northrop Grumman is incorporating Trex Enterprises’ celestial navigation technology — a highly refined version of the technique used by the earliest sailors — into its laser targeting systems to improve their accuracy.

Ellen McCarthy NGA COO

NGA maps the future of geospatial intelligence

Agency COO Ellen McCarthy discusses activity-based intelligence, the ICITE framework, the Map of the World and other aspects of NGA’s five-year plan.