Geospatial and Intelligence

AeroVironment wins $4.2M Switchblade order

An extension to an existing AeroVironment contract with the Air Force includes engineering services, operational Switchblade systems and operator training.

Bigger, badder Predator may be in the works

The Advanced Predator C Avenger could end up being the template for future unmanned aerial vehicles.

DARPA builds space-based telescope for missile tracking

DARPA is developing technology that would provide persistent, tactical, full-motion video surveillance of Scud-class missiles from satellites in geosynchronous orbit.

Intell community looks to cloud computing

As pressure for spending cuts increases, the intelligence community is looking beyond its traditional classified stovepipes and toward cloud solutions, officials say.

Kehler raises trial balloon: Put STRATCOM in charge of all GEOINT PED

One way to close the rising gap between the large volume of data being gathered and the ability of humans to process that information would be to make one agency responsible for managing it, said Air Force Gen. Robert Kehler at GEOINT 2011.

Geospatial intell evolution will continue at rapid pace

Geospatial intelligence will continue to transform as challenges and threats evolve and the requirements for data change, said a top DOD official in a keynote speech at GEOINT 2011.

Apps strategies simplify handling of geospatial intell data

Raytheon has developed a military application marketplace and a group of applications that address a number of tasks that simplify the handling of geospatial intelligence data.

Lawmakers stress need to fund intelligence

Two House members said they’re trying to ensure that budget cuts don’t hurt work to protect U.S. interests.