Defense IT


New Army Chief Information Officer to manage IT overhaul

The new Army CIO, Maj. Gen. Bruce Crawford will tackle a wide range of IT and cybersecurity challenges as the service consolidates data, moves more information to the cloud and uses common operating standards.


Will computational advances help stealth survive digital air defenses?

A new Air Force study highlights the challenges of maintaining an advantage with stealth aircraft in light of the fast evolving digital processors used by adversary air defenses.


MDA leaders work on new sensor for THAAD

The MDA is developing new electro-optical sensor technology that distinguishes between lethal and non-lethal threats.


Navy Virginia class subs get upgraded Tactical Control Systems

Attack submarines equipped with Tactical Control Systems for weapons control are getting new commercially developed hardware, software and tech for sensors, networks, command and control.


Army wants smarter computer AI for electronic warfare

The Army seeks AI solutions for rapid identification of emerging electronic warfare threats.

Navy Mobile Apps

DOD risks 'rogue' apps under current IoT policy

New GAO report warns about IoT security and "rogue" apps on mobile devices, smart televisions and other systems.


Recent tests show new Air Force tanker can withstand electronic attack

The new KC-46A refueling aircraft successfully withstood both stationary and inflight electromagnetic warfare testing.


New combined system blocks jamming in GPS-denied environment

IAI and Honeywell will combine GPS-denied navigation and anti-jamming technologies to create an advanced EW tool.

Defense Systems Update

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