Defense IT

Wideband SATCOM terminals heading to sea

Norsat International gets a $2.7 million subcontract for maritime VSATs, or very small aperture terminals.

Army orders 19 next-gen, long-endurance Gray Eagles

General Atomics gets a contract for the Improved Gray Eagle unmanned aerial systems, which can stay aloft nearly twice as long as previous versions.

DARPA wants better air-to-air networking

The agency is asking for technologies that enable greater network interoperability between friendly airborne platforms in adversarial environments.

Hacker suspected of giving US info to ISIS is arrested in Malaysia

The stolen information on over 1,300 military personnel and government employees was released to encourage ISIS sympathizers to carry out attacks.

Army cyber forces should 'take a page' from adversaries

At the annual AUSA conference, the National Mission Force commander says the Army could stand to learn something about "cheap, fast and easy."

U.S. discusses space-sharing activities with allies in New Zealand

Military leaders meet with counterparts from four other countries to talk about military-to-military partnerships and other topics.

Digital battlefield system puts multiple nations on the same page

The Army’s ASCA takes language out of the equation when coalition forces call for artillery support.

Tool kit would work for every language (all 7,000 of them)

A DARPA program looks to develop a rapid-response language tool to help U.S. personnel communicate anywhere in the world.