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Neural chip could aid voice recognition, man-machine learning

KnuEdge, a tech startup founded by former NASA boss Daniel Goldin, has emerged from stealth mode, claiming it can revolutionize the human-machine interface.

SAIC wins big Cyber Command support contract

SAIC will be providing a raft of support duties as the prime contractor under a recent deal totaling up to $460 million

NRL patents process for turning seawater into fuel

Researchers' E-CEM separates carbon dioxide and hydrogen and then produces liquid hydrocarbons for (still small) amounts of fuel.

US-China counterspace tensions mount

The Pentagon's latest report to Congress highlights China's growing military space efforts, which include the ability to disrupt what the U.S. or other countries can do.

At the recent Sea-Air-Space Expo, Navy engineer Steve Price displays a small additively manufactured modular payload multi-rotor drone, capable of accepting a variety of payloads.

How 3D printing can aid the military supply chain

The Naval Surface Warfare Center sees additive manufacturing as a way to deliver "just-in-time" parts, at a much lower cost than current methods.

Bluefin’s SandShark a new breed of small, versatile underwater drones

The autonomous UUV, weighing less than 15 pounds, is capable of a variety of missions, including operating in swarms.

The Air Force wants to add sense and avoid technology to RPAs such as the Predator.

Air Force looking for next-gen sensors

AFRL puts out a call for technologies to improve targeting via new electro-optical sensors for ISR and situation awareness.

Air Force: Cyber is a factor in future air superiority

Two studies point out that cyber activities and a changing threat landscape are having an impact on how the service approaches operations in air and space.

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