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Army plans to deploy lighter weight, helicopter sling loaded, HMMWV mounted WIN-T

Using faster processing power and other advances, the Army is testing a lightweight version of WIN-T Inc. 2 able to mount onto HMMWVs and sling load beneath helicopters.

Aegis Radar Destroyer

CNO: Network, cyber connectivity key to future Naval superiority

IT upgrades and next generation platforms will help grow the Navy’s network use so that it can maintain maritime superiority.


SOCOM wants commandos to become walking SIGINT sensors

U.S. Special Operations Command is looking for a signals intelligence sensor to equip an individual commando with SIGINT-like ISR technology.


OPED: can WIN-T evolve?

An network executive suggests adding network management tools to WIN-T


Army CHESS moves to more commercial training software

An Army CHESS deal with Minitab Enterprise License Agreement to acquire commercial software for Lean Six Sigma software licenses.


Army cyber fighters are on the offensive against ISIS

Army cyber warriors will attack ISIS as long as it takes to succeed in destroying ISIS networks and communications.


Pentagon, industry pursue increased data bus security

A private firm has developed new data bus cybersecurity technology which claims to identify attacks and cyber intruders more quickly.


DIUX continues outreach into drone and satellite projects

DOD’s Defense Innovation Unit Experimental continues in new Administration with efforts to accelerate getting new tech into operation.

Defense Systems Update

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