Defense IT

Air Force 'on the road' to predictive cyber algorithm

The Air Combat Command’s chief of intelligence talks about "fusion warfare" and how today’s cyber capabilities resemble aviation during World War I.

The five stages of a cyber intrusion

In accordance with National Cyber Security Awareness Month, the Navy detailed the steps adversaries use to gain access to networks and steal data.

The military is making big plans for nanoscale materials

HRL Laboratories, a joint venture of Boeing and General Motors, is developing processes to assemble strong, extremely lightweight nanoscale materials for DOD systems

'Bioscavengers' could stop nerve agents in their tracks

The Defense Threat Reduction Agency is looking to protect warfighters from nerve agents like sarin before those agents can do any damage.

Going mobile: DOD needs to take the next steps on security

DOD is ahead of civilian agencies on security, a SolarWinds survey finds, but there is still a lot of work to be done.

U.S. sends drones to Africa for counterterrorism operations

The ScanEagle units being delivered to the Kenyan and Cameroonian militaries are part of an effort to share some of the military’s technological advantage with allies.

Army asks for help in cyber and network management

The service is looking for contractors to assist with the full range of cyber identity management support services.

GSA issues $460M request for Cyber Command support

Contract would support the command across the full range of its mission areas.