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Lockheed Martin renews push for hypersonic spy plane

The contractor claims it could deliver a hypersonic demonstrator of the SR-72 for under $1 billion.

Big data approach for UAS situational awareness

Simulyze uses big data analytics to provide a clearer picture of what happening around UAS operations.

Army making noise with radar encryption

CERDEC researchers develop a programmable waveform that looks like noise to adversaries and can adapt to congested environments.

Growth in cyber threats reflected in budget

The head of Cyber Command, Adm. Michael Rogers, tells Congress the command’s increases in budget requests are justified if you “look at the world around you.”

Transcom is a case in point for whole-of-nation cyber posture

In congressional testimony, Gen. Darren McDew outlines how his outfit is uniquely postured between military and commercial service networks.

Backpack generates power through soldiers' motion

The Energy Harvester Assault Pack could eliminate the need to carry batteries by harnessing the power produced through natural movement.

Navy strikes deal for backpack anti-IED jammers

The military is continuing to invest in giving ground troops portable electronic warfare tools.

NRL project would collect solar power in space

The orbiting solar array could collect solar energy unencumbered by atmosphere, then transmit it to Earth via microwaves.

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