Defense IT


Navy unveils new data analytics strategy

A new Navy Strategy for Data and Analytics Optimization calls for faster innovation, deployment and integration with emerging commercial technology.


Navy upgrades P-8s with Wideband Satellite Communications Radomes

U.S. Navy P-8A aircraft will be equipped with new satellite communications systems.


The next generation of drones may be able to see in the dark without GPS

By imitating the human retina, a DARPA-funded Swiss research team has developed drones that can operate in low-light environments.

Defense IT

Army LOGSA uses AI, cloud for wireless conditioned-based maintenance

The Army LOGSA deal with IBM will improve wireless connectivity between maintenance sensors and database computer analytics, speeding up the decision-making process for commanders.


New Northrop, Navy electronic warfare tech expands aircraft attack envelope

Northrop’s next generation electronic warfare environment tech is designed to close multiple beam jammer gaps and cover a fuller spectrum of frequency bands.


Navy delays NGEN-R contracts, merges domestic and global IT

The Navy announced it is moving the NGEN-R awards from July of 2018 to November and December of 2018.


Air Force awards $1 billion cloud deal

The Air Force this week awarded a $1 billion contract to a team comprised of Dell EMC, General Dynamics and Microsoft.


Air Force and industry rethink requirements to prep for space war

The emergence of new threats will require the Air Force and industry to rethink training and technical approaches to space strategy.

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