Defense IT


Agility is the future of software development, says Air Force General

Hiring new software developers will depend on moving to agile acquisition.


Army, BAE Systems accelerate AMPV networking tech

A contract modification allows BAE to fast-track networking hardware and software upgrades to the Armored Multi-Purpose Vehicle.


Army, Congress evaluate the future of WIN-T

Senate authorizers have proposed more than $400 million in cuts to the Army’s flagship WIN-T network.


Industry firm patents new cyber encryption technology

A private sector innovation firm is offering a new kind of encryption key security technology for the U.S. military services.


Navy moves Next-Gen Jammer electronic warfare to next phase

By designing an electronic warfare jammer able to jam on multiple frequencies, the Next-Generation Jammer is expected to defeat cutting edge air defenses.


CACI wins task order to provide Navy with information assurance

CACI’s information assurance upgrade is designed to strengthen cyber defense services for critical infrastructure systems.


Marine Information Group created to bring cyber, information warfare support to frontlines

The new MEF Information Group will be the first Marine installation to focus fully on EW and cyber security.

Army Cyber

Army soldiers encounter simulated Russian cyberattacks

A recent Army Cyber Quest exercise tested soldiers’ ability to identify and counter cyberattacks from potential adversaries such as Russia and China.

Defense Systems Update

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