Defense IT


Army integrates new WIN-T software interface

Software enhances connectivity between nodes on the WIN-T network and connects far ranging vehicles to the Tactical Operations Center.


Air Force charts Wideband Global Satellite future

An Air Force analysis of alternatives considers a future plan for its constellation of Wideband Global Satellites.


Pentagon cyber report said cyber trails help track attackers

Cyberspace has become a “safe haven” for threat networks to lurk and hatch schemes.

Quantum computing

Pentagon examines smartphone encryption

Newly developed mobile encryption apps enable secure smart-phone messaging, chat and data sharing.


DARPA licenses emerging chip technology

Flex Logix will license its FPGA technology to the defense agency for use by DoD and other government agencies. Keywords: FPGA, DARPA, Flex Logix, reprogrammable, TSMC, hardware


NGEN-R redraws acquisition plan

The Navy plans to recompete its Next-Generation Enterprise Network (NGEN) contract to save money, speed IT modernization and combine domestic and international data networks.


Air Force pursues advanced “deceptive” cybersecurity tactics

The service is working with industry to prototype and advance cybersecurity techniques built on the old “honey pot” approach for attracting attackers.


Navy builds computer automation into new amphibious craft

After nearly 30 years of service, the existing fleet of the Navy’s landing craft is being updated as a new generation is being developed.

Defense Systems Update

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