Defense IT

DDG 51

Amphibious Assault Ships Receive CANES IT software upgrade

The new generation of naval software architecture consolidates networks and uses commercial software to secure the system.


BAE works on radiation-hardening space technology

Emerging BAE technology is designed to make space systems more resilient to radiation interference.


In-Q-Tel invests in secure cloud app delivery

Startup's virtual desktop platform could help ease DOD shift to the cloud.

F-35 Helmet Lockheed

Air Force tests new lightweight F-35 helmet

F-35 helmet and seat are modified to increase safety and lower the weight burden on pilots.


Air Force: F-35 3F software drop challenges resolved

Air Force leaders say developmental testing helped resolve F-35 3F software problems.


U.S. Cyber Command: Russia hacking “the new normal”

The head of U.S. Cyber Command argues stronger data protection needed in new threat environment.


Air Force electronic weapons to get an electromagnetic power boost

Raytheon is investigating ways to bring speed-of-light power to electronic warfare systems.


Congressional leaders cite growing U.S. cyberattack vulnerability

Congressional leaders cite growing U.S. cyberattack vulnerability Summary: Senator McCain is raising serious concerns about cyberattack vulnerability, saying the U.S. is behind potential adversaries.

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