Defense IT


DARPA funds new electronics revolution

The research agency fleshes out its ERI effort with research funding for chip materials, design and next-generation architectures.

Marine Corps

New Army gaming prototype preps soldier for future war

Synthetic prototyping project uses simulated environments to inform the development and acquisitions priorities of the Army.

small sat

New interferometry technology sought for keeping an eye on satellites

IARPA is accepting proposals for advanced technology able to image high-altitude satellites.

Aegis Radar Destroyer

Industry explores cyber defense specific to Navy ships at sea

As an investigation into the collision involving the Navy’s USS John McCain moves forward, industry innovators have sharpened their focus on technologies designed to secure ships from cyberattack.


Reinventing electronic warfare

DOD’s first-of-its-kind electronic warfare strategy explores new paradigm-changing EW technologies.


New AF satellites offer more precise positioning capability

Air Force performs GPS III acoustic environmental testing prior to test launch.


Air Force 3-star: “algorithmic warfare” needed for future ISR, combat ops

Artificial intelligence and human-machine warfare will increasingly be vital for Air Force ISR operations as a way to keep pace with the speed and scale of information technology.


Mattis plans to bolster DIUX

The Pentagon’s DIUX will continue to fast track innovative commercial IT by extending its reach into the private sector.

Defense Systems Update

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