Defense IT


Big names missing from $5B ADMC 3 contract

The Army received 58 bids for Army Desktop and Mobile Computing 3, which is their preferred vehicle for buying desktop, laptop and mobile computing devices as well as peripherals.


Laser comms from space gets another test

NASA prepares to demonstrate laser communications in a relay experiment from geosynchronous orbit.

Air Force

New Air Force unit aims to protect weapons systems from cyber attacks

Air Force Materiel Command has created a Cyber Resilience Office for Weapons Systems to protect large platforms and weapons.


Navy NGEN-R will help merge U.S. and global IT networks

Navy developers hope to foster a globally integrated global service delivery model by connecting domestic and internationally-based data bases and IT systems.

Virginia Class

DARPA Discovers "GPS-Like" undersea drone connectivity

Emerging DARPA technology connects undersea drones with low-frequency sonar.

F-35 Helmet Lockheed

Navy tests new stealth F-35C upgraded Helmet Mounted Display

Pilots using the new 3 HMD will be able to see sensor information, targeting data and other flight data directly from a helmet visor.

Air Forcce B-52

Air Force to defend B-52 with laser weapons

An Air Force Research Lab program is testing experimental versions of an externally-mounted laser pod that can track and destroy attacking enemy missiles.


Air Force tests massive B-2 sensor upgrade

New Air Force sensor technology and software will permit the stealth aircraft to evade advanced air defenses.

Defense Systems Update

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