Defense IT


Pentagon revamps cyber weapons acquisition strategy

The Pentagon has found that its traditional methods of designing and buying cyber weapons are ill suited for this fast-changing battlefield.

Abrams Tanks to Get Active Protection Systems

Army electronic warfare technology attacks and causes shift in tank

The Army is enhancing its cyber offensive and defensive capabilities with training exercises, portable electronic warfare kits and jamming-immune navigational technology.


Boeing to demo DARPA space plane

The XS-1 hypersonic vehicle would demonstrate cheaper, quick-turnaround satellite launches to low-Earth orbit.


Cisco, DOD move JRSS to cloud tech and greater automation

Cisco and DOD use artificial intelligence and multiprotocol label switching to increase interoperability.

DDG 51

Navy cyber hardens CANES, considers adding to LCS fleet

As the Navy integrates CANES technology across the fleet, the service increases connections and security among nodes on the network.

North Korea

Doubts raised about N. Korean role in hack

Analyst asserts speculation about a state-sponsored ransomware attack distracts from real problem: weak cyber defenses.


Air Force to finalize new cyber mission forces

Cyber teams tasked with implementing new offensive and defensive measures are expected to reach final operational status by sometime next year.


Hughes offers new lightweight, mobile satcom terminal

Made of composite materials, the HM500 is engineered to enable dismounted units to have stronger beyond-line-of-sight connectivity.

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