Defense IT


Outgoing DOD CIO calls for agility

The outgoing CIO of the Department of Defense says the Pentagon is making progress on achieving Joint Information Environment goals, but technological change continues to outpace the ability to reform procurement and tech deployment.

Sea Hawk

Navy fast-tracks new Electronic Warfare sensor

Lockheed is developing an EW pod for Sea Hawk helicopters to help with anti-ship missile defense.


DOD R&D spending declined over last decade, CRS said

Although IT and telecom services fared better than other spending categories, research spending by industry partners has overtaken government R&D spending


'Fake news' morphs into information warfare

The seemingly irresistible urge to click on news stories is being leveraging by hackers.

Command & Control

Army networks its command-and-control systems

Command Post Computing Environment is a developmental effort to synchronize command center mobile and fixed-site applications.

DOD adds a third DIUx innovation unit in Austin, Texas

The new location joins the effort to involve industry, academia and start-ups in developing cutting-edge security and other technologies.

ARL found unexpected strength in the high density of copper nanoclusters of various sizes

With military research into nanomaterials, the future looks light

Breakthrough work being led by the Army Research Lab and DARPA could revolutionize jet engines and microelectronics.

ARL, UK collaboration: Distributed analytics will aid coalition forces

An alliance that also includes industry and academia embarks on a research project to ensure secure, dynamic coalition communications through Distributed Analytics and Information Science, or DAIS.

Defense Systems Update

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