Defense IT

Army's new command-posts-to-go support expeditionary maneuvers

Engineers design three mobile command posts that get forces up and running quickly.

GAO warns DOD of 'fragmented' approach to commercial satellites

A scattered procurement process leaves the military without a good accounting of its resources, and could be leaving money on the table, the report says.

Launch failure delays SpaceX's shot at military launches

Elon Musk said the June 28 explosion of a Falcon 9 rocket would delay the inaugural launch of the Falcon Heavy booster ticketed to compete for launches of U.S. military satellites.

Air Force, Northrop demo an open system for manned, unmanned aircraft

The tests show how a B-2 stealth bomber, Global Hawk and other nodes can work together.

RoboBoats show off their moves in ONR competition

The 16-team competition is the latest event in the Navy’s ongoing effort to develop autonomous capability.

DIA gives 50 companies a spot on $6B IT contract

The Enhanced Solutions for the Information Technology Enterprise deal is designed to streamline IT acquisitions.

Air Force to offer $15K-a-year bonuses for drone pilots

The proposed changes also include stepping up training of new pilots.

Report: DOD IT spending headed for a slight increase

The uptick will reverse a three-year trend of shrinking budgets and could hold through 2019, market research firm IDC Government Insights says.