Defense IT


College cyber warriors team with Pentagon on hacking tech

Congress plans to increase funding for a new tech training course where college students work with DOD officials on hacking and cyber warfare techniques


New mission simulator tests potential drone operators based on personality info

Assessing individuals who want to operate drones based on their performance, personality, and biology.


Army CHESS moves to more commercial training software

An Army CHESS deal with Minitab Enterprise License Agreement to acquire commercial software for Lean Six Sigma software licenses.


DIUX continues outreach into drone and satellite projects

DOD’s Defense Innovation Unit Experimental continues in new Administration with efforts to accelerate getting new tech into operation.


Agility is the future of software development, says Air Force General

Hiring new software developers will depend on moving to agile acquisition.


DARPA Hackfest seeks innovators for software radio, drone integration

Registration closes on Saturday for DARPA’s Hackfest event for securely networking drones and radio.

Nett Warrior

Dismounted soldiers will get a new precision firing app

Nett Warrior will feature a new precision firing software app that enables all-digital fire commands.


Pentagon gives F-35 new avionics, mission systems for 2021

Lockheed awarded a contract to Harris to install advanced memory, storage and processing technology into F-35 avionics as part of a tech refresh.

Defense Systems Update

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