Defense IT


DARPA tasks BAE with workaround to secure the power grid in event of massive attack

DARPA has awarded BAE an $8.6 million deal to engineer secure alternative wireless networks in the event of attack.


DOD turns to more flexible ground terminals to combat anti-satellite threats

DOD is exploring ways to counter anti-satellite technology by using smart antennae, mobile ground terminals, and back up frequencies.

Aegis Radar Destroyer

New Navy destroyer radar conducts first flight test

The AN/SPY–6(V) radar system uses radar modular assembly unit, Gallium Nitride, and digital beam form technology to bring the Navy’s radar into the digital age.


Navy tests stealth Zumwalt destroyer computers

The USS Zumwalt’s Total Ship Computing Environment, now being tested, brings new servers, processors and advanced software to surface ship warfare.


Navy to speed move to digital weapons and networks

The aircraft carrier electronic launch system, electric weapons rail gun, and AN/SPY-6(V) radar are moving through testing phases toward operation.


DARPA battles to unclog wireless spectrum

DOD sponsors "modulation recognition" challenge to promote wireless situational awareness.


Army ACCENT deal accelerates cloud migration

A new 50-vendor contract will speed up data consolidation and migration to the private cloud.

Defense IT

Army ADMC-3 to speed up hardware modernization

The emerging ADMC-3 deal, now under protest, aims to expedite hardware upgrades and integration of new technology.

Defense Systems Update

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