Defense IT

Air Force wants common tools for pay-as-you-go cloud

The service wants to establish standard processes that could work for all the military services in support of the JIE.

With new night-vision goggles, soldiers don't need a scope to aim

The system wirelessly connects the goggles with a weapon-mounted sight, allowing soldiers to shoot from the hip or around corners without exposing themselves.

IARPA wants an early warning system for cyber attacks

The agency is looking to combine internal and external sensors and monitors to try to identify attacks in their early stages.

National Guard wants to make more domestic use of drones

A recent report outlines the uses unmanned aerial vehicles could serve in domestic airspace, as well as the constraints standing in the way.

How the cyber domain blurs the lines on warfare

Most military leaders and experts agree that stealing information is not an act of war. But what's the cyber equivalent of taking up arms?

Revamped Air Force Materiel Command goes for agility

Amid a changing threat landscape, AFMC has revised its vision and mission statements to better reflect goals.

Army's new command-posts-to-go support expeditionary maneuvers

Engineers design three mobile command posts that get forces up and running quickly.

GAO warns DOD of 'fragmented' approach to commercial satellites

A scattered procurement process leaves the military without a good accounting of its resources, and could be leaving money on the table, the report says.