Defense IT

Cyber Challenge targets Internet of Things security

DARPA looks to demonstrate automated cybersecurity during an all-machine hackathon.

Terahertz amplifiers could open new frontiers in RF communications

Researchers from Northrop Grumman, working with DARPA, have developed two different amplifiers capable of using the THz range of the spectrum, which could lead to a new range of high-speed, secure communications.

Navy hires two to explore cryogenic RF technologies

Out of the Fog and Hypres win contracts to develop cryogenic radio frequency systems and quantum memory technologies.

ONR looks to take the bloat out of software upgrades

Updates these days tend to include both old code and new code, which can slow down performance and increase security risks.

Army researchers picture a new GPS alternative

CERDEC uses two highly sensitive miniature cameras in a vision-aided navigation system that accurately detects both motion and depth.

New framework offers a better way to model complex networks

DARPA-funded research finds even obscure patterns that can be applied to better understand anything from military logistics to social media activity to air traffic.

DOD names 7 to $142M deal for modernizing contract system

The Defense Contract Management Agency is moving on from its Cobol-based mainframe system.

NSA goes commercial to harden networks

Spy agency leverages commercial technologies as it seeks to stay ahead of evolving cyber threats.

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