Defense IT


WiFi technology connects soldiers for underground combat

The Army’s Rapid Equipping Force is developing and testing a wave relay system to connect underground forces with above ground commanders.


Army says smartphone, digital tech increase vulnerability

Army senior leaders are expressing concern that the services’ growing digital footprint and use of information technology increases vulnerability to potential attackers.

Defense IT

Army works to improve hardware security, requirements amid ADMC protest

The Army is moving its existing and future hardware to Windows 10 as an operational and security enhancement.


Firm pioneers new data protection technique for U.S. military

Trivalent is providing U.S. Special Forces with a new data protection technique which leverages encryption and a new method called digital shredding to improve data protections.


IT experts, former leaders say DOD behind with advanced tech

A panel of IT experts and former high-level military officials said acquisition red tape slows DOD’s ability to acquire cutting edge technology.


The Air Force bolsters its Cyberspace weapons systems

The Air Force’s latest cyber space weapons system increases control of cyberspace data for more versatile operational command.


“Hack the Air Force” exercise will take place this summer

The hacking exercise could help reveal Air Force cyber vulnerabilities.


Lockheed to add air defense to AN/TPQ-53 counter-fire radar

Short range air defense capabilities will be added to the counter-fire and counter-drone surveillance functions of the Army’s Lockheed AN/TPQ-53 counter-fire radar system.

Defense Systems Update

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