Defense IT

Air Force

Automation will streamline Air Force data processing, command control

The Air Force is looking to industry and the newest generation of airmen for ways to automate and streamline multi domain operations.


Air Force looks to Dell, Microsoft & GDIT to accelerate massive cloud migration

$1 billion enterprise services deal said to be among largest U.S. cloud contracts.


BAE offers new high-speed, resilient space computer

A new BAE space computer is designed to improve space missions, such as surveillance, tracking and planetary exploration.


DOD Maven AI project develops first algorithms, starts testing

Project Maven has now four algorithms ready for testing.


AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile receive $200 million to support military services

The new DOD communications tech deal will support WIN-T and other services’ networks.


Navy and Army Cyber Mission Force teams are now operational

Navy and Army cyber warriors will now be fortified by 40 operational cyber teams to protect forward deployed missions.

sailors marines

Navy, DARPA build new voice and text network

Navy and DARPA are working on a new voice and text network able to allow real-time connectivity that can transmit force-tracking information.

high performance computing

Navy modernizes SIPRNet and NIPRNet for barges

Eight companies will deliver barge modernization services including network upgrades.

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