Defense IT


Navy extends laser sea mine detection technology

Northrop Grumman Airborne Laser Mine Detection System uses laser light pulses to map bodies of water potentially holding mines.


Cybersecurity experts tell Congress weapons need better security

A panel of experts told lawmakers new policy or acquisition procedures may be necessary to protect weapons systems.


Industry offers multiple authentication tech for SIPRNet

Gemalto is working with DOD on authentication chips designed to strengthen security for the SIPRNet.

Air Force Falconer

Air Force: cyber modernization key to multi-domain war

Air Force leaders look to cyber modernization to improve sustainment and foster multi-domain warfare ability.

Quantum computing

New DOD software coding will increase private-sector involvement

A DOD “” effort seeks to improve government-industry open source collaboration in the software industry.

Army Solarium

Army convenes key parties to discuss software in modern weapons

A new “Software Solarium” aims to share information and strengthen the service’s focus on software dependent weapon systems.


Special Ops Command advances new helo terrain-avoiding radar

The Silent Knight Radar gives helicopters and increased ability to maneuver, comprehend targets and coordinate navigation between air-and-ground operation.


Hughes offers 360-degree helicopter combat connectivity

A new SATCOM terminal for helicopters is designed to enable rotary aircraft to communicate the beyond-line-of sight communications.

Defense Systems Update

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