Defense IT

DARPA calls for 'revolutionary' software development

The agency wants ideas that challenge accepted norms and could guarantee trustworthy systems.

DISA to start enforcing email storage limits

If DOD Enterprise Email users haven't cleaned out their inboxes lately, now would be a good time.

Navy adds $29M worth of radios for global satellite system

The latest batch of Digital Modular Radios from General Dynamics will work with the Mobile User Objective System.

Researchers show how to take out drones with loud noises

A team from South Korea's KAIST found that sound can disrupt gyroscopes commonly used on unmanned aerial vehicles.

Army developing nine-language voice translator

The Army wants to equip deployed soldiers with a two-way translation device, starting with a focus on French dialects in Africa.

DOD study: Climate change is a security threat -- right now

A report to Congress warns that the effects of global warming are no longer a "long-term risk."

Report: US suspects Russia in 'most sophisticated' Joint Staff hack

The hack that shut down the staff's unclassified email system got around security measure in a way the government hadn’t seen before, officials said.

Multitasking data link keeps Marines’ operational F-35s in touch

Northrop Grumman’s Multifunction Advanced Data Link gives pilots the equivalent of 27 avionics subsystems, the company says.