Defense IT

Army Cyber

Army looks to expand size and scope of cyber war unit

The Army’s Cyber Solutions Development unit is already expanding the number of cyber war soldiers and is growing its mission scope.


Army LOGSA accelerates migration to AI analytics, private cloud computing

The Army’s new LOGSA deal with IBM is designed to leverage advances in AI, cloud computing and analytics.


DARPA funds new electronics revolution

The research agency fleshes out its ERI effort with research funding for chip materials, design and next-generation architectures.


U.S. expands role of ground robots for dismounted soldiers

Portable UGV's get smaller, networked for dismounted soldiers

Navy Mobile Apps

DARPA solicitation seeks new methods to stop hacking, data breaches

DARPA is concerned that hackers might steal sensitive data from web browsers and other apps.


Navy seeks new software tool able to predict insider threat risks

The new software would examine user behavior and develop a potential risk indicator.


Mattis plans to bolster DIUX

The Pentagon’s DIUX will continue to fast track innovative commercial IT by extending its reach into the private sector.


DARPA looks beyond Moore's Law

Chip effort targets reconfigurable devices as scaling runs out of steam.

Defense Systems Update

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