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Cyber criminals: Digital mercenaries and arms dealers

Cyber warfare is the epitome of asymmetric warfare. A single individual with access to the Internet can be a threat.

Rules of engagement

As the Defense Department builds a cyber force, forming a doctrine for cyber warfare is its opening challenge.

Special Report: DCGS Integration Backbone forges joint ISR ground

The technology provides a common ground picture for the services' ISR platforms.

Joint training for joint ISR

After the Army criticized the Air Force for not being responsive enough to its intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance needs, the Army established in 2007 its own aviation unit in Iraq.

Air warrior gives aircrews digital edge

Air Warrior, the third part of three Warrior development programs within the Program Executive Office-Soldier, focuses primarily on comfort and survivability factors for helicopter pilots and crew.

Land Warrior/Mounted Warrior/Air Warrior

Network-centric warfare, from boots on the ground to guns in the air.

Wireless warriors

Aircrews and mounted troops join the battlefield network.

Blue Force Tracking system’s next gen comes closer to real time

The Blue Force Tracking (BFT) system — only a few years ago a wonder of battlespace technology — is in the midst of an upgrade. BFT is a building block of operational awareness. It transmits the location of friendly forces via a satellite connection. Unlike the Enhanced Position Location Reporting System, another location-tracking system, BFT doesn’t rely on terrestrial line-of-sight transmissions for connectivity.

Defense Systems Update

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