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Army adjusts network strategy for battlefield command posts

One challenge that Army officials face is creating a single enterprise for battle command applications that can follow a brigade when it deploys outside the continental United States.

How the military is unifying communications and collaboration

The lessons of VOIP are helping expand and combine rich communications and collaboration on military networks.

Sounding the cyber alarm

An April cyberspace symposium provided a forum for military and private-sector cybersecurity experts to discuss the challenges of cyber deterrence and raise awareness about the severity of threats to military networks.

DOD moves network security to the forefront

In response to persistent attempts to breach Defense Department networks, DOD officials are working in several areas to improve their ability to detect and respond to cyberattacks.

DOD puts ISR in the vanguard

Defense Secretary Robert Gates wants to put intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance at the top of warfighter needs.

Unmanned aircraft get smarter

The refinement of unmanned aircraft used for surveillance and attack missions is resulting in systems that are faster, stealthier and smarter than their predecessors.

TSAT hits new turbulence

The Transformational Satellite Communications System program hits key technology targets, but costs and alternative capabilities could keep the $20 billion program from getting into orbit.

Building bandwidth in space

The military’s transformational satellite program complements a number of existing military satellite communications systems.

Defense Systems Update

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