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Superior imagery creates battlefield advantages

Defense agencies and their industry partners are working to improve the quality of intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance images available to warfighters and make the images more easily accessible.

New network tech heightens battlefield awareness

Defense Department technicians are working to break down barriers so that warfighters on the battlefield can have better situational awareness drawn from multiple networks.

DISA restructuring to provide more agile services

DISA’s leadership is working to transform of the agency into an agile, flexible service provider that can rapidly respond to the mission needs of all its customers.

New capabilities propel unmanned aircraft systems

The growing capabilities of unmanned aircraft can be seen in recent developments that are being tested or moved into production from the companies producing the aircraft and supporting systems.

Army pushes enterprise systems on a wide front

The Army Program Executive Office for Enterprise Information Systems takes a coordinated approach to the management of enterprise resource planning initiatives and online knowledge programs.

Special Ops leads the charge for specialized data delivery

A new generation of technology is putting more agile and capable ISR systems in the hands of special operators and those who support them in the field. That holds promise for empowering regular forces as the technology is perfected and costs come down.

Military seeks to disrupt the enemy's decision cycle

Success in battle is increasingly about making decisions more quickly than your adversary can.

Army grapples with sensor overload

The military pushes for plug-and-play tools to improve sensor-to-shooter situational awareness.

Defense Systems Update

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