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DOD tackles security challenges of mobile computing

The security of mobile devices used by defense personnel and warfighters is a high-stakes game in which compromised data can put lives on the line.

Skope cells help dispel fog of war

Small teams of analysts are using software to sort through intelligence data and find elusive targets for warfighters.

C4ISR technologies carry the load for special forces

The intersection of new technologies has resulted in giant leaps forward in the development of powerful and lightweight equipment for special operations forces.

DISA outlines major network and enterprise initiatives

The Defense Information Systems Agency is using cloud computing to build an enterprise infrastructure across the Defense Department.

DISA shifts to new strategy for network support

The Defense Information Systems Agency will soon award a contract for the day-to-day operations and support of the Defense Information Systems Network and its Global Information Grid networks.

Commercial satellites plug bandwidth gap for military satcom

The Defense Department is increasingly turning to commercial satellite providers to relay messages and images for networked warfighters.

Meeting NATO's satcom needs is no simple task

NATO members are partnering on a satellite constellation to serve troops around the world.

Next-generation battle tech gets put to the test

To ensure that newly developed technologies can share data, the military must conduct plenty of testing in labs and field situations.

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