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Budget and technology issues reshape combat communications

Emerging systems and innovative approaches help the Defense Department enhance tactical edge communications despite diminishing financial resources.

DOD builds foundation for future SATCOM

New communications satellite network will boost bandwidth while helping reduce terminal sizes.

SRW Appliqué and Agile Bidding: Vehicle Voice and Data

The Army is using a streamlined bidding process to save time and money as it searches for an inexpensive way of adding networking capabilities to SINCGARS-radio-equipped vehicles.

Defense Systems Super 75

We present the first annual Defense Systems Super 75, which recognizes the most innovative and agile companies operating in the net-centric battlespace.

Air Force ISR aims for maximum insight

Agency strives to provide a full spectrum of ISR capabilities to meet strategic, tactical and combatant command requirements.

Plethora of communications options compound challenges at the tactical edge

The quest for comprehensive situational awareness leads to a burgeoning array of communications technologies.

Military reaps surveillance benefits from advances in sensor technologies

The rapid evolution of electro-optical imagers and infrared cameras is making it possible to employ them for less cost on smaller and lighter systems.

Army establishes structured approach to BCT modernization

New network foundation built atop ashes of Future Combat Systems.

Defense Systems Update

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