Military Cloud

Intell community looks to cloud computing

As pressure for spending cuts increases, the intelligence community is looking beyond its traditional classified stovepipes and toward cloud solutions, officials say.

Military ponders private cloud services

The Defense Department's cautious approach to a private cloud seeks to maximize deployment, security and cost advantages.

Data center consolidation promises improved performance

Seeking to increase IT efficiency and cut costs, the military is consolidating the number of data centers it operates.

Army does forward march again on enterprise e-mail

The Army picks up speed in its move to enterprise e-mail after a pause earlier this year.

Learning lessons from Stuxnet before it's too late

A new class of cyber weapons, like Stuxnet, will have a long-term impact on critical infrastructure protection policy, experts at the Defense Systems Summit said.

Budget struggles, cyber policies shape DOD approach to cloud

Strides in cloud computing are being made even as budget woes and other challenges weigh heavily on defense IT.

DOD's move to the cloud keeps security experts up at night

DOD is finding that the old security techniques, which weren't that great anyway, won't be enough in the dynamic world of the cloud.

DARPA to help shield cloud networks from cyberattack

DARPA's Mission-oriented Resilient Clouds program seeks to protect cloud networks vital to military missions.

Barry Rosenberg

There's a lot at stake with military modernization programs

The eyes of all the military services are on DISA and its efforts to develop a private cloud of enterprise services for enhanced communication and collaboration across the Defense Department.

A look at DOD's AKO, DKO and JKO portal numbers

The announcement of the closure of Defense Knowledge Online is furthering uncertainty over the future of DOD's online portals and enterprise services. Here's a quick look at some of the numbers.

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