Navy moves Next-Gen Jammer electronic warfare to next phase

By designing an electronic warfare jammer able to jam on multiple frequencies, the Next-Generation Jammer is expected to defeat cutting edge air defenses.


New BAE Systems software now both tracks and interprets ISR data

New movement tracking software that interprets data patterns is now part of BAE Systems’ GXP suite.

small sat

Could small satellite usage double by 2020?

Small satellites offer opportunity for innovation, on-orbit upgrades, and more secure communication, according to experts.


Sea-based X-band radar program enhanced with new contract

The sea-based X-band radar system will receive data communication upgrades for its role in missile defense.


Navy integrates new F-18 infrared sensor

Navy moves ahead with upgrades to fighter jet infrared sensor Summary: Boeing will develop the Super Hornet’s Block II infrared sensor, capable of operating in radar-denied environments


Air Force launches new space war effort

Secretary of the Air Force Heather Wilson has established a new deputy chief of staff for space operations to sharpen the focus on being prepared for enemy attacks in space.


New drone laser weapon could stop enemy missiles in boost phase

Proposals are being sought for a new high-altitude drone able to field a high energy laser for missile defense.


Navy virtual reality technology will help upgrade ships and train sailors

A Navy research team has been given the Navy Innovation Award for using LIDAR technology and virtual reality software to model ships.

Defense Systems Update

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