Air Force

Navy adds millimeter wave radar to AGM-88B anti-radiation missile

A Navy upgrade to an air-to-ground missile designed to target mobile enemy air defenses gives the weapon new millimeter wave radar.


Firm develops rugged navigation device for a GPS-denied environment

The Army and DOD are working with industry to engineer networking technologies able to connect combat forces in an environment where GPS systems are jammed or disabled.


OPED: new conformal batteries expedite moves to a digital soldier

New conformal batteries better enable soldier-mounted tech such as computers, navigation system and night vision.

Grey Eagle

Army seeks next-gen targeted EW attack technology for drones

A recent Army RFI looks for mature EW technologies to mount on the wing of a Gray Eagle drone.


Air Force Research Lab tests high power electromagnetic EW & cyber weapons

High-power electromagnetic systems could pave the way for non-lethal, non-kinetic weapons in future military operations.

Air Force

The Army’s new medical data link connects medevac helicopters and hospitals

MEDHUB uses a system of wireless sensors to transmit real-time patient data to better prepare hospitals to treat them once they arrive.


Navy to enhance electronic warfare receivers on board the EA-18G aircraft

Updates to the AN/ALQ-218(V) 2 receiver will allow the Navy’s airborne electronic attack capabilities to detect enemy signals faster.

Army Drones

The Army drone software processes undersea terrain, creates cloud-based 3D maps

The 2017 AUSA Meeting and Expo showed drone technology that can map 3D underwater terrain and turn video in 3D models.

Defense Systems Update

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